Why the Union?

We were chartered to represent the common interests of pipe tradesmen, tradeswomen, and contractors in our Mountain States jurisdiction. Our mission is to provide all workers with the rights, benefits, and job conditions they deserve.

Benefits of Joining the MSPTA

We work tirelessly to provide our members with fair wages, family health insurance, and retirement plans.

We provide training and job opportunities to both apprentices and workers later in their careers so they can realize their full potential.

We support the passing of Prevailing Wage laws to ensure that government-funded projects pay workers a fair wage based on local union wage rates.

By providing the necessary training, working with trustworthy contractors, and advocating for important issues in the pipe trades industry, we create safe working conditions for our members.

We believe that workers should be able to live comfortably and support their families after years of hard work in the pipe trades industry. Our members receive benefits and plans that they can rely on once they retire.

Non-union contractors allow dangerous working conditions that injure workers. We work with reputable contractors that carry worker’s compensation insurance to guarantee your security should you ever become injured.

We encourage the use of Project Labor Agreements, which ensure that projects are completed on time and afford workers a chance to earn fair wages, healthcare, and retirement benefits in return for their labor.

We train and support skilled pipe trades workers and place them on leading projects with top contractors in the Mountain States area.

We advocate against so-called “Right to Work” laws, which allow people to work under a union contract and reap the benefits without paying their fair share.


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