MSPTA-affiliated Local Unions serve the following markets:

Our members proudly work on the cutting edge of these industries in the Mountain States. From ever-growing industries like HVAC-R to evolving technologies like semiconductors, our affiliated United Association (UA) Local Unions partner with top contractors to work on leading projects that are creating jobs and boosting local economies.

Energy & Infrastructure

Our members build and maintain pipelines that deliver energy to the Mountain States, working on nuclear, oil, coal, and natural gas facilities.

As the U.S. slowly transitions from using fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, MSPTA-affiliated unions are continuing to develop new training curriculum to prepare members for future work in this industry.


MSPTA-affiliated unions provide training on advanced techniques of fabricating piping systems to keep large-scale construction projects on schedule and on budget.

Our members put pipe spool fabrication and modular fabrication into practice to pre-assemble pipes, improve quality control, reduce human error, and expedite construction projects.

Fire Protection

Our members expertly install fire suppression systems, a crucial but often overlooked element of the construction process.

As building codes are updated to require these systems, our trained and certified sprinkler fitters maintain, repair, and retrofit fire suppression systems to reduce property damage and save lives.


Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems are essential in keeping people safe and comfortable in the Mountain States. In addition to maintaining, and repairing HVAC-R systems, our members are also highly skilled in installing new, energy-efficient systems to save money for both businesses and consumers.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Work in medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech facilities is governed by strict standards and protocols, and members in this industry must complete specific certifications for medical gas installation and other systems that are vital to these facilities.

Highly trained MSPTA-affiliated union members construct, install, and maintain life-saving systems and construct medical care office spaces in this sector.


The work of MSPTA-affiliated union members is catalyzing the boom of the semiconductor industry in America. Arizona is spearheading the construction of semiconductor plants, where our highly skilled members are helping to create facilities where essential components of computers, smartphones, cars, medical devices, and more are being built.

Commercial, Institutional, Industrial & Residential

MSPTA-affiliated tradesmen and tradeswomen are absolutely vital to the development of homes, businesses, schools, factories, and all other infrastructure in the Mountain States. The MSPTA supports our members with continued training, fair wages, and benefits to drive the pipe trades industry forward and strengthen this region’s economy.

The commercial and institutional sector includes shopping malls and retail outlets, office buildings, schools and universities, stadiums, arenas and indoor swimming pools, prisons, and more.

The industrial sector encompasses manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and other large facilities requiring detailed planning and construction.

Involving work on single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, and condominiums, the residential sector is an ever-growing segment of the overall construction industry.

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