Metal Trades

What Do Pipefitters, Welders & Other Metal Tradesmen Do?


Pipefitters fabricate, install, repair, and maintain piping systems in a variety of settings, including:

Pipefitters can work in nearly any industry on any type of project.


Welders work in a variety of fields where they cut, fabricate, and join materials and perform other essential tasks.

Many welders work on pipelines, and they also work in every corner of the construction industry.

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United Association Metal Trades Training

Aspiring pipefitters and welders whose goal is to achieve journeyman status must go through the five-year United Association registered apprenticeship program, where they will receive industry-leading training. Those with industry experience may be able to complete the training program in less time, depending on their skill set and level of experience and education.

Apprentice pipefitters and welders will earn a livable wage and great benefits while they learn in the classroom and on the job. The majority of an apprentice’s training occurs on the job as they learn from highly skilled and experienced journeymen pipefitters and welders.

With the combination of work experience and classroom instruction at UA training centers, apprentices will become well-rounded pipefitters and welders. All UA training center classes are taught by accredited instructors, ensuring that all apprentices become highly skilled, trained, and certified journeymen pipefitters and welders.

We support journeymen pipefitters and welders in receiving continued education to maintain or expand their certifications. This will provide them with more job opportunities and the ability to use the latest techniques and technologies on the industry’s leading projects.

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Become a Union Metal Worker

With the number of pipeline and construction projects in this region continuing to grow, careers in the metal trades have great outlooks. If you want to become a part of this booming industry, take the next step with the Mountain States Pipe Trades Association to get the training you need.

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